Living with Covid Day 1

It seems a co-worker might have Covid. He came to work last Thursday and was looking ill. His kids had gotten sore throats earlier in the week and he missed a day. He and I worked in close proximity that day. I kept my distance as much as possible and wore a mask intermittently. He did not as we were shooting a video with him in it. After the shoot I did keep my distance. He looked worse during the day. The next day he did not come to work and went to get a test. Results are not back. But, he did mention he has his wife’s uncle tested positive. The uncle was at his house the weekend before.

Over the weekend, I slept on the sofa and kept distance from wife and son, but probably not enough. 

Co-worker did not get results back yet, but feels worse, and has fatigue, congestion and headaches, which are symptoms.

This morning, I woke feeling “hungover” but I didn’t drink last night. Ut-oh. Tired mostly. Feint throbs in back of my skull. Had a brief panic. Made coffee, took a sip then deliberately sniffed to see if I could still smell. I could still taste the coffee, but couldn’t get the deep inhale of coffee aroma. Tried a couple of times. Nothing. Shit. I opened the sink cabinet and took a smell. Dank. There is a little leak I have been meaning to call a plumber about.  I washed my hands and smelled the soapy lather. Smelled like dish soap. I calmed down. The coffee incident must have been because I had just taken a sip so my mouth and nose were all ready full of the taste and smell. Whew. But, that might be false hope, kind of like the president getting sick but still doing photo ops.

*Over the weekend Trump and many Republicans have announced they all have Covid.

*The company I work for was deemed “essential” and  has been very cautious, implemented curb-side pick up / social distancing / mandatory masks early on. Since then, as the state permits, we’ve allowed walk-ins, but with MASKS only and social distancing.

*My wife has been working at home for months and my son has been home schooling. He could have gone back, but I insisted on the stay at home option.

*In general, I have worn a mask in public since the mandates started and the family has had little interaction with outside people excluding one family in the hood and a labor day pool party with a few family members who have all been practicing social distancing, masks. The party was all outside and we all distanced. Most of the family did wear masks. I did not.

*I recommend our company resume curbside pick up only today.

*If I have Covid, what is going to be hard beyond getting sick, is trying to keep my family safe. I’ve started wearing a mask in the house and keeping a solid 6 feet or more away from my wife and son.

USA Covid dead April 2020


671K+ Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 in USA: 33,288 Dead – 4/17/2020

608K+ Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 in USA: 25,992 Dead – 4/15/2020

581K+ Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 in USA: 23,604 Dead – 4/14/2020

555K+ Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 in USA: 22,020 Dead – 4/13/2020

530K+ Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 in USA: 20,608 Dead – 4/12/2020

431K+ Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 in USA: 14,768 Dead – 4/09/2020

398K+ Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 in USA: 12,893 Dead – 4/08/2020

367K+ Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 in USA: 10,908 Dead – 4/07/2020

337K+ Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 in USA: 9,633 Dead – 4/06/2020

308K+ Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 in USA: 8,407 Dead – 4/05/2020

277K+ Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 in USA: 7,152 Dead – 4/04/2020

245K+ Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 in USA: 6058 Dead – 4/02/2020

189K+ Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 in USA: 3,900 Dead – 4/01/2020

163K+ Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 in USA: 3,008 Dead – 3/31/2020

140K+ Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 in USA: 2,467 Dead – 3/30/2020

124K+ Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 in USA: 2,191 Dead – 3/29/2020

109K+ Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 in USA: 1,693 Dead – 3/28/2020

69K + Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 In USA : 1,046 Deaths 3/26/2020

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How to make a cloth face mask

The CDC now recommend all people where a face mask when in public and have also provided tutorials on their notification page on how to make a cloth face mask with sewing machine and other non-sewing machine methods. 

There are also many other tutorials. We area collecting them here.

How to make a Face Mask

CDC : Tutorial as in middle of the page. It has line drawings and a few different methods. Here is an official video with probably the easiest method that doesn’t require a sewing machine.

Hobby Lobby : Nicely made video with close up and instructions

Choosing the best material for a homemade mask

“The best masks were constructed of two layers of heavyweight “quilters cotton” with a thread count of at least 180, and had thicker and tighter weave.”

Source : NBC Health News report >>

More tutorials of how to make a face mask

DIY Face Mask From Instructables : Claims to have photos, but does not but for a cover image.  They do offer written instructions as well as some resources. Some of those resources lead to unseucre sites to download PDFS and SVGS patterns. : 5 DIY Facemask Tutorials. There’s a couple videos and tutorials on this website.

¿Cómo hacer un nasobuco en casa? : This YouTube video made by the Cuban Ministry of Health is in Spanish.

“Beware of PDF Facemask Patterns – They could have maleware – hacker software embedded”

While researching for this blog post, we found many sites offering DOWNLOADABLE pdfs.  This seems nice, but we did not download the PDFS because PDFS can contain malware. Instead, we found a large image of a pattern you can use. You don’t have to download. You can just screenshot this page and print.

How to wear a face mask

NPR, one of our most trusted news sources, had a good article on how to properly wear a cloth face mask.

  • Keep over nose and mouth
  • Don’t touch covering with hands, only touch straps
  • Wash after every use
  • Continue to social distance – 6ft apart
  • Continue to wash hands